VAAC store

  • Location:
    Valle Arriba - Caracas
  • Date:
  • Area:
    24,7 m2
  • Client:
    Valle Arriba Athletic Club
  • Team:
    Enlace Arquitectura, C.A
  • Photography:
    Enlace Arquitectura, C.A
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The VAAC store project is an invited competition. The proposal contemplates two structures separated by an existing palm tree. The program follows by organizing two areas, one for the sale of sports clothing, food and snacks, the other serves as a bar and café. The metallic structure sits on an existing walkway and part of a steep hill behind it. The roof over both structures is sloped toward the hill and channels the water in a canal incorporated into the structure. The water is collected, stored and used to water the vegetation on the hill. Inside, the ceiling is sloped from the frontal beam toward the structure´s enclosure and entrance door. The exterior walls are finished with small cut white stone that is separated in certain moments to create a degradation effect.

The store includes two windows that allow for clear views into the vegetation and trees on the hill. The windows create cross ventilation which together with the solar protection the structure enjoys from the trees, allow the store to operate with natural ventilation. The store´s interior design follows an elegant palate of white materials with a floor that is similar to the concrete walkway so that they appear to be continuous.