The Canopies of El Calvario

  • Location:
    El Calvario, El Hatillo Municipality Caracas Venezuela
  • Date:
  • Client:
    Community of El Calvario
  • Team:
    Enlace Arquitectura & Jose Javier Alayon
  • Photography:
    Enlace Arquitectura, Aerea Studio & Juan Castillo
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This December Enlace Arquitectura installed a series of canopies in the informal settlement El Calvario in El Hatillo Municipality of Caracas as part of the event "El Calvario Open Doors" in its third edition. The installation consists of seven canopies made of synthetic plastic fibers in various color combinations and sizes that trace the ascent up to the La Cruz Plaza where the largest canopy is suspended. We hope these pieces will act as witnesses of the holiday season celebrations and will invite all citizens to visit the barrio, meet the community and enjoy the canopies.

The canopy was designed together with architect José JavierAlayón. We are grateful to Cheo Carvajal and Caracas a Pié for inviting us to participate and Jose González, Carmen González, and Carlos Torrealba for their support in the community. We would like to recognize Daniel Torrealba and Rubén Castellanos for their tremendous help during the installation. From the entire Enlace Arquitectura team our sincere appreciation.