Las Agüitas a water harvesting playground

  • Location:
    Los Guayos Municipality, Valencia, State of Carabobo
  • Date:
  • Client:
    United Nations Habitat
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The project for Las Agüitas is part of the "City Planting" initiative organized by Enlace Arquitectura, FUDEP, a local NGO, and Citi Foundation of Citicorp, together with the mayorship, the Municipality of Los Guayos, Valencia Venezuela.The program focuses on encouraging inhabitants to recognize the role public space has in fostering safer communities and its importance in terms of increasing social coherence and overall well being.

The project itself is a new public square and children´s playground that consists of 8 elements, purposefully segmented so that they can be constructed in modules and all members of the community regardless of age or gender participate.  It includes a swing where one of the swings is adapted for people with limited mobility. It also collects rainwater. Channels in the pavement direct water toward a central basin through gravity and from there, see saws pump water from the collection pool toward various destinations. Water fountains for playing and cooling off in the hot Valencia weather, raised vegetable gardens attended by local school children and the water tank itself to store water are fed through the see saws that when moved up and down are able to pump water and avoid using electricity.