Cultural Center Cañada Honda

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    Cañada Honda - Maracaibo, Venezuela
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The community of Cañada Honda in Maracaibo, Venezuela, won the "Citi Planting" competition in May 2016 with a proposal for a Cultural Center. Their intention was to create a place for gathering where recreational, cultural and community activities could take place. A small site was identified near the informal settlement´s entrance, where a simple structure of 4 columns that supports a large roof and a small enclosed space for meetings and workshops was projected. The structure is metallic and measures 6 meters in both direction, and 5.5 meters tall. The roof cover is made with polycarbonate laminate and a pergola of colored wood studs pained by the community themselves, create shade which is perhaps the project´s important asset in a city that is known for its hot and humid weather. A metal structure encloses a small room that is enclosed with segments of recycled wood from pallets, with spaces between segments to allow for cross ventilation. Low cover plants, palms and flowers are planted in areas along the edges of the site. The project´s main atraction is its exterior platform where theatre productions, concerts, beauty pageants and carnival performances can occur.