City Planting - Las Agüitas community

  • Location:
    Los Guayos Municipality, Valencia, State of Carabobo
  • Date:
  • Area:
    240 m2
  • Team:
    Citibank, Fudep Venezuela, Enlace Arquitectura, Municipality of Los Guayos & the community Las Agüitas
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City planting is a program sponsored by Citibank and led by Fudep Venezuela that supports the urban development of communities in informal settlements. The program´s objective is to allow community members to recognize the urban potential in their surroundings, identify ways they can improve it, and undertake self formulated projects that begin making changes. It is a tactical approach where the community directly invests in modifying their neighborhood, and appropriate themselves of projects, thereby gaining a greater sense of commitment to their community. They receive the technical support of Enlace Arquitectura and the backing of each respective Municipality.

In Las Agüitas, inhabitants participated in the creation of a new public space. Construction manuals of various elements such as wood benches, pvc and concrete pavement, canopies made of recycled material and swings, helped guide the community to build and contribute their own creations to the project. Children, adults and senior citizens participated in buildin the new space with their own hands, and acquired a greater sense of belonging and identity which is key to ensuring the intervention´s adequate upkeep and durability over time.

Community participants: Carmen Adelia, Magaly Rodríguez, Lusibell Camacho, Anais Arias, Luis Matute, Alcira Beatriz, Neira Acuña, Nora Hernández, María García, María Fernanda García, Aracelis Sánchez, Franyely Pineda, María Milagros Aguilar, Janeth Margarita Martell, Marbella García, Julia Romero, Yaurami Thais Rodríguez,Dinora Romero, Elluz Virguez, Egilda Molina, Pedro Gonzalez, Milexa Colmenares, Elizabeth García, Gruber Márquez, Anderson García, Jóse Antunez, Wilmer Arias, Susana Rieras, Daviannys Martinez, Reimari Natera, Brayan, Esneiker Valera, Jóse Antunez, Nelson Gonzalez, Gleinger Pahissa, Daniel Ramos, Eguldo Molina, María Mercedes Arias, Mario Kariña, Luis Matute, Reinosi Valera, Jhaisbeth Farago, David Petit, Eduardo Faraco, Jose Acosta, Cristian Ramos.