PURE SPACE: Public Space Transformations in Latin American slums

  • Location:
    FIU, Miami Florida, USA
  • Date:
  • Team:
    Enlace Arquitectura: Sergio Dos Santos, Valentina Caradonna, Lisimar Campero, Katherine Aguilar, Odette Galavis, Leonardo Jerez, Ana Mosquera, FIU Department of Architecture: Luca Di Giacomo, Patricia Elso, Giovanna Gallardo, Stephany Guinan, Matt Wasala 
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PURE SPACE presents the case for public space creation in informal settlements through the analysis of 21 interventions in barrios of Valparaiso Chile, Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Medellin Colombia, Guayaquil Ecuador, Lima Peru and Caracas Venezuela. Most of the projects have never been published, in part because they were not resolved with a primary concern for design, at least in the most conventional sense of its role. Their merit lies in the fact that they effectively justified an economic and community investment in public space, while responding to the implicit social challenges associated with their implementation. These experiences have produced practical knowledge that can be channeled toward supporting and increasing the occurrence of public space investment in barrios. They also argue for an expanded agency of the design profession, where the coupling of creative capacities with public space investment can instigate lasting social transformation and generate key benefits for urban environments.

This research was supported by the 2011-2012 Wheelwright Fellowship Prize from Harvard University's Graduate School of Design; CAF development bank of Latin America; and the following non-government organizations:  DESCO, Lima, Peru - FUDEP, Caracas, Venezuela - CIUDAD SALUDABLE, Lima, Peru - AFROREGGAE, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - ALTO PERU, Lima,Peru.

In addition, the following were supporters of this project research:  Juventud Sucre; Municipality of Sucre Caracas, Venezuela; City of Rio de Janeiro; UPP Social; City of Guayaquil, direction of urban development; City of Medellín; Programa Buen Comienzo; EDU Empresa de Desarrollo Urbano; Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana in Medellín.