Puerto Encantado urban design and public spaces

  • Location:
    Higuerote, Venezuela
  • Date:
  • Area:
    142 hectars
  • Client:
    Corporación HBC
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The design project for Puerto Encantado contemplates 142 hectares of land located to the north of HIguerote city and west of Ciudad Balneario to be transformed into a turist and nautical development, with water channels that allow each property piece to have direct access to the water from their backyard. One characteristic aspect of this complex is that it has generous public spaces including plazas, parks, boardwalks along the edge of the water, children playgrounds and areas of natural reserve.Sustainable practices have been considered in the design of streets, sidewalks and paved areas in order to increase the porosity of surfaces and allow water to percolate into the ground.Bioswales along the edge of streets receive rainwater, absorbing it and filtering sediment particles before entering drainage channels.  

Using LED luminaries and solar powered public lighting in cerain critical areas of the development have reduced enegy consumption to a minimum. This is also as a way of guaranteeing lighting during power outages. 

Design guidelines were created for all properties with considerations for solar protection, orientation, percentage of un-built open areas and suggested levels of energy and water consumption to promote better management among others. These were passed as part of the zoning guidelines for the neighborhood through the Municipality. These measures complement the sustainable strategies contemplated in the design of the streets and public spaces mentioned above.