Public space interventions in barrios of Sucre Municipality

  • Date:
  • Client:
    Sucre Municipality
  • Team:
    Enlace Arquitectura, Fundación Espacio, Alexandra Paty
  • Photography:
    Enlace Arquitectura, C.A
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This publication, edited by Fundación Espacio and titled "Public space interventions in barrios of Sucre Municipality," presents the public spaces recently built in the Municipality of Sucre, under the direction of "Sucre Space". Of the almost 30 built parks, many of them are located in informal settlements such as Petare, La Dolorita, Caucagüita and Mariches. They represent a significant contribution to their urban improvement. We feel it is of upmost impotence to make this experience known for the value of its emotional, intellectual and operative knowledge.

Authors: Elisa Silva, Aliz Mena, Franco Micucci, María Alejandra Moleiro, Diana Montoya, Henry Rueda y Henrique Vera.
Publisher: Fundación Espacio
ISBN: 978-980-7385-01-5