Proyecto Helicoide: Fantastic Visions

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The Helicoide building wasoriginally designed to serve as a shopping center; however itsconstruction was abruptly halted and later appropriated for usesthat are less than flattering of its eccentric shape.

Another importanttransformation has occurred in the surrounding context of thebuilding. Where it once sat as a monumental piece over a bucolicrange of hills, it soon began sharing the setting with informalsettlements that share the site. The piece focuses on showing theclose geographical and topographical relationship between theHelicoide and the barrios.

In the barrrios of SanAgustín and the Cota 905 to the East and West of the Helicoide, thefoundations of each housing structure have modified the groundplane through an organic process over 50 years. The accumulateddensity of the structures registers ground movements that recallthose that were required to build the Helicoide.

The piece is a transversesection at 1:300 of the Helicoide and the barrios on both sides.The section has been cut into several layers of paper in order toshow the depth of the sectioned interior spaces. This creates theeffect of a model 3 meters wide, 70 cm in hight and 3 cm deep thatregisters 1km of urban fabric in an East- West direction throughthe center of the Helicodie. It also recognizes the 60 m differencein height between the Fuerzas Armadas Avenue and the crest of thehills.

A topographical sequence ofinterior spaces emerges that follow the morphology of the hills andthe Helicoide through cut squares and rectangles in various layersof depth. Finally, hypothetical tunnels and staircases connect theplace with an imaginary sub-urban interpretation of the builtterritory.