CIMA Youth Center

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    Petare, Caracas Venezuela
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CIMA Youth Center is located in thebarrio Jose Felix Ribas, just across the Street from the Palo Verdemetro station and next to the recent artistic installation by theartist Jaime Gilli. The project consists of a 4 story building anda plaza in front of it that is currently used as a de facto parkinglot for motorcycles and cars in addiction to being the place wheretrash is gathered in the area. The building is placed toward oneside and serves as the backdrop for the plaza. Its façade iscomposed of a continuous metallic mesh mostly for security reasons,but it also becomes a canvas that registers the face of a childthrough a combination of metal squares in different sizes. Thereare communal commercial centers on the ground floor and theentrance to the Youth Center. The floors above host the library,music hall, computer room and a basketball court on therooftop.