Recycling Center

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    La Moran, Caracas Venezuela
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Currently waste management in LaMorán represents a serious contamination problem as well as apublic health threat to the community. It is the result of poorwaste management practices that are aggravated by the lack ofinternal roads necessary for conventional garbage truck trashcollection. Each inhabitant must take his waste to distantcontainers, allowing laziness to motivate the formation of moreconveniently located clandestine waste dumps within the slum. Giventhe significant volume of trash produced on a daily basis, a soundalternative would be to recycle some of this waste taking intoaccount that often up to 70% of trash can be reused. This activityrequires the construction of a recycling center which has beenlocated on the Avenida Morán so that it may receive and sellrecyclable materials. The center will be operated by a youthcooperative financed with income generated from the sale ofmaterials and contributions paid by each community member. Thecooperative will be in charge of collecting recyclable waste fromevery house and take it to the center thus helping to avoid theformation of future informal waste dumps.