La Mirage Multifamily Housing

  • Location:
    Caracas, Venezuela
  • Date:
  • Area:
    7,608 sq. m
  • Client:
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The complex is situated on thecrest of a tall hill toward south east Caracas, and enjoys 360degree panoramic views including the entire extension of the Avilamountain.  The steep topography challenges the project andbecomes the proposal´s protagonist theme. Three independentbuildings are set into the site´s rocky edge, with discreteseparations between them and provide multiple formal readings asthe spectator encounters them. From certain angles they appear as aunified single building and from others the fissures create a senseof lightness and permeability.
Access to the complex is paused and stenographic, with a slowprocessional entry that comes to a climax when a glimpse of thebuilding's ground floors suddenly appears alongside the openfissures that seem to bring the southern hills behind to theforeground.  Common areas for relaxation and recreation aswell as an ecological path for jogging and exercise complement theproject. Each apartment opens out toward the northern façade sothat the Avila scenery becomes the natural stage of the residence´sinterior public areas.

Phase: Schematic design