Vela Vicolo de´Catinari

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    Roma, Italia
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The installation Vela,exhibited between the months of September and December 2006 andsponsored by the Istituto Italo-Latino Americano, lines the Vicolode´Catinari and proposes a new way of reading the urban fabric byemphasizing the axis and space of the street itself. It does sothrough a network of translucent white sails that gently sways inthe air creating a spectacle of movement and sound for the pleasureof passerby tourists and Romans. The visual show is furthercomplemented by the way in which the material subtly plays withlight, illuminating itself into brilliant white objects when litfrom behind, and casting dynamic shadows of overlapping patternsonto the pavement. In this way, Vela becomes the main protagonistof the space, but is also able to highlight latent aspects of thestreet and bring them to the foreground: geometry, dimensions,colors and light become registered against the datum line of thesails.

It is fascinating to watch how the project registers the earth'smovement. After a couple of hours long, distorted patters areprojected onto the vertical wall. Quickly they fall to the groundand acquire the recognizable shape of the suspended triangles. 40minutes later the pattern moves toward the opposite wall, againdistorted and severe, spilling over windows, drapery, graffiti andpaint. After a few more minutes the sun falls behind distantbuildings and ceases to project.


Sponsored by the Istituto Italo- LatinoAmericano