Colloquium "Let's talk about the City: Is it possible to build a Sustainable Caracas?"

Enlace Foundation was invited to participate in colloquium “Let's Talk about the City” organized by the Venezuelan-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Caracas, on July 10, 2019, as part of the city´s 452th Anniversary celebration. Other participants included Haciendo Ciudad, Trazando Espacios, CCSCity450, Territorio Hub and Laboratorio Ciudadano. The discourse focused on the integration of the city, participatory urban transformation strategies and the notion of a people centered city.

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Video "Complete City, reflections on integration" presented at the event "More Nights Caracas"

"More Nights Caracas" is an initiative organized by Ciudad Laboratorio that took place in the Bello Monte, Caracas on Saturday July 6, 2019. Enlace Foundation was invited to share a video and present the program "Integration Process Caracas” in the informal settlement La Palomera, which invites people to  abandon binary urban definitions as "formal" and "informal", overcome prejudices and build a real and symbolic notion of an integrated "Complete City."

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Elisa speaks at the The Nature of City TNOC Summit in Paris

The Nature of Cities Summit took place for the very first time at Sorbonne University, Jussieu Marie Curie campus in Paris France on June 6, 2019. Organized by David Maddox and a very capable multidisciplinary team of artists, ecologists, activists, landscape architects and planners, the summit presented several discussion panels focusing on different aspects of a green city. Elisa participated in a panel together with David Simon -London and Cape Town, Fish Yu-Shenzhen and Samarth Das-Mumbai in the Summit Dialogue: How can we create living space in cities? 

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La Palomera celebrates the Cross of May and the "Mobil Museum"

On Saturday, May 25, the Cross of May "Mobile Museum" was celebrated in the community of La Palomera, as part of the program Integration in Process Caracas IPC. The event began with a procession where portions of a model of La Palomera were carried from the Simpon Bolívar Square in Baruta to the La Cruz de La Palomera sector. It was followed by a generous array of exhibitions, concerts, performandes, rituals, games, videos and the customary "Sancocho."

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Integration Process Caracas - Fourth Gathering

"Art, Pedagogy and City" is a series of events that are part of the project Integration Process Caracas. The discussions promote recognition of the barrio as part of the city.

This Thursday, April 25, we will have our fourth meeting titled "Transforming the city from the classroom." Teachers and educators from different schools and levels (both from inside and outside the barrio) are invited to talk about what recognition means. The event will culminate in brainstorming and planning sessions on the notion that “the barrio is city”.

We offer participants round trip transportation, refreshments and participation certificates. The event will begin in Plaza Bolívar de Baruta followed by a walk to the Concentration 094 School, in the La Cruz sector of La Palomera, where we will reflect on the nature of the city, followed by a workshop. The activity will begin at 8:30 a.m. and will end at 11:30 a.m.

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Across the Americas – Columbia University Incubator

Elisa is part of a conversation initiated by Agustín Schang and Laura González that explores contemporary architecture models operating Across the Americas. The group was comprised by Julian Palacio, Jorge Ambrosi & Gabriela Etchegaray, Rafael Gamo, Elisa Silva and Maite Borjabad Lopez-Pastor.

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Too Fast Too Slow Princeton University

As part of the public programing for the 2019 Post-Professional Master of Architecture Thesis Exhibition, TOO FAST TOO SLOW, Architect and Princeton School of Architecture Visiting Lecturer Elisa Silva, discusses her work in terms of the exhibition's prompt of speed and the fortune, futility, and providence of time in practice.

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Art and community. Proposals for Integration

"Integration Process Caracas" promotes the recognition of the entire city by blurring borders, overstepping boundaries and generating opportunities for gatherings where we can experience integration.

We invite artists, creators and city lovers to participate in a co-creation experience with the community of La Palomera, Baruta. We are looking for people interested in working through a constant exchange with La Palomera´s neighbors to create interventions that manifest reflections on integration through art.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal visit the following link for more information.

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