Conversation “Visions: popular settlements”

Elisa Silva participates in theConversation "Visions: popular settlements" this Saturday June 18that 11:00 am at Bigott Foundation - Petare, where she will share theresearch experience of  CABA - Cartografía de los barrios en Caracas 1966 -2014.

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Permanent Forum on the City 2016

Elisa Silva is invited toparticipate at the Permanent Forum on the City 2016 held on May 26th at 9:00 am in El Nacional news paper´s auditorium, where shepresents the research contento of CABA - Cartografía de los barrios en Caracas 1966 -2014.

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CABA – Cartography of the Caracas barrios

After more than two years ofresearch and design, the publicación CABA Cartografía de los barrios de Caracas 1966-2014 is here. The book represents a mappingexcercise of the informal settlments that exist in the city.

It was put together by Enlace Arquitectura in collaboration with Henry Vicente Garrido, Lorenzo González Casas, Orlando Marín, José Carvajal and LilianaAmundaraín with the support of Máximo Sacchini.

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“Sustainable urban trasnformations in communities”

Enlace Arquitectura is working withthe community of Las Aguitas in the municipality of Los Guayos, Carabobo State, on public space making urban interventios. The participation of neighbors was very gratifying! Children and adults colaborated in the elaboration of a canopy made from recicladematerial that will create a place with shade where they can playand spend time together.

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“Sustainable urban transformations in communities”

Enlace Arquitectura togetherwith Citibank Venezuela and FUDEP are supporting 6 communities in Venezuela in the cities of Caracas, Valencia and Maracaibo totranform their urban environments into desirable and useful publicspaces. Through engagement in workshops, public space making eventsand participation in a competition for seed funding, comunnities acquire skills on how to formulate their own projects, how topresent them to their municipalities and how to take on selfmotivated urban transformation projects.

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Global Shapers in Caracas event with Elisa Silva

Elisa participates as aspeaker at the Global Shaper´s Caracas event, on Wednesday December 2nd at the offices of Wayra, Xerox tower. The discussion topiccentered on "Reasons to live inVenezuela". She was joined by singer Laura Guevara, polititican Roberto Patiño and beer distributer Jesús Sánchez.

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