One year after our first celebration at La Palomera

On Saturday May 23, 2020, an event was held on the virtual platform Zoom to celebrate, remembrer and reflect. It was part of the exhibition "Complete City: La Palomera, recognition and celebration" at Hacienda La Trinidad Parque Cultural, and the Integration Process Caracas IPC program.

Celebration: Offerings were made to the May Cross with “décimas” written and recited by José Pérez and music by Tambor y Gloria of the Bigott Foundation.

Remembrance: One year ago, the “Cruz de Mayo” which has been traditionally celebrated in La Palomera 20 years ago, was rescued.

Reflection: The IPC program has allowed us to think and discover many things about Caracas. From the perspective of various groups that have been part of the program, artistic, pedagogical and practical strategies were shared, as reflections of the content that shaped each project, as well as their effect on the city and citizenship.

The strategies were posted on the social media of each team member: @enlace_arq, @ciudlab, @itanera, @labociudadano, @ganass13 and #ambararmas. These were complemented with IG live interviews.