Cruz de Mayo celebration together with the community of La Palomera, and the event "Mobil Museum"

On Saturday, May 25, the "Mobile Museum" event and the traditional celebration of the Cruz de Mayo in the community of La Palomera, were held as part of the program Integration in Process Caracas, (IPC) whose intention is to generate recognition processes of the barrio as part of the city.

The event began with a procession of the La Palomera model from Bolívar Square in Baruta to the La Cruz de La Palomera sector, followed by a conversation with the barrio´s founding families and Baruta's chronicler; the celebration of Cruz de Mayo; presentations and exhibitions of art workshops held with various community groups as a result of the call for proposals among artists "Art and community, proposals for integration." Another component of the celebration that was rescued from previous edition was the organization of games and competitions among the children of the community. As part of the exhibition, videos were presented with testimonies from the community, a record of the IPC program and fragments of novels and movies filmed at La Palomera. The Manifesto to the Complete City was read in front of the whole community, followed by a sancocho that was shared among all.

The event unites the efforts of many: Enlace Foundation, Ciudad Laboratorio, Fundación Bigott, Puntos Solidarios soup kitchen, Alcaldía Baruta, Laboratorio Ciudadano de No Violencia Activa, Ensayo Colectivo, Taller Cuadernillos, Taller Verde, Colegio Miguel José Sanz, Colegio Concentración 094, Liceo Alejo Fortique y  Preescolar Manuel Felipe Rugeles.