We believe design functions as a way of communication, a link that transmits knowledge, raises awareness and engages people. Enlace Arquitectura operates beyond conventional conceptions of design by actively participating in the civic realm and partnering with key urban and social actors.

We operate at diverse spectrums of the design field that range from urban design and landscape to architecture, interior design, furniture and details. We believe exercising these multiplicities strengthens the agency of design by increasing occasions to connect with people and allowing them to internalize it's effect on the making and remaking of our built environment.



We place a strong emphasis on increased livelihood and a reduced impact on the environment. Urban projects, through partnerships with municipal governments, multilateral organizations and NGOs, advance social inclusion and environmentally sustainable strategies. Partnerships with the private sector have opened possibilities for critical inquiry into practice that is also focused on people and a more rigorous attention to the use of resources.



We use several methodologies to strengthen the effectiveness of our communication. We have forged ongoing links with communities, especially underserved ones in slums and barrios, through creative forms of participation, education and empowerment.

We are keen on establishing multiple channels of discourse, and see dissemination as key to connecting ideas and experience with interested audiences. Publications and exhibitions are platforms we continuously use to better connect new knowledge through our research with the civic realm.

In the same spirit, we are committed to education and teach, guide thesis projects, support academic internships, sponsor student community service projects and lecture both locally and abroad. 



2017  Winner of UN Habitat Public Space in Informal Settlements Competition

2016  Andrés Bello Award in Social Sciences - CABA Cartography of the Caracas informal settlments

2016  X Salón Malaussena- Urban and Environmental Design Prize - Project Planting City

2016  X Salón Malaussena - Publication Award - CABA Cartografía de los barrios de Caracas

2015  First place Inparques Natonal Park Competition - Park ranger post for plains, coast and jungle regions

2015  Walking Visionaries Award, Vienna 21 Walk - Puerto Encantado

2014  First place in the XI National Architecture Bienal for Ecoparque Maracay for Non-built projects

2014  Honorable mention in the XI National Architecture Bienal for Rehabilitation of La Morán

2012  Winners of the VIII Bienal Iberoamericana de Arquitectura y Urbanismo for Sabana Grande Pavement

2012  Finalists La Carlota Metropolitan Park Competition

2011  Wheelwright Traveling Fellowship Award from Harvard University

2011  First place in the Maracay Metropolitan Park Competition

2011  Third place in the Centro Simón Diaz Competition

2010  Honorable mention XIII Salon FIA Art Exhitibion

2008  First place in the Sabana Grande Boulevard Competition

2005  Rome Prize Award from the American Academy in Rome.  

2004  First place Master Plan for Villeneuvette et le Coeur de l´Herault Competition

2002  Honorable mention Elemental Chile Competition



Elisa Silva - Founder and director: Registered architect with a Masters degree in Architecture from the Graduate School of Design, Harvard University in Boston and a Bachelor degree from Emory University in Atlanta. She is a LEED Accredited Professional from the U.S. Green Building Council and a registered architect in the state of Florida USA and in Venezuela.

Sergio Dos Santos - Registered architect with a Bachelor degree in Architecture from the Central University of Venezuela in Caracas Venezuela 2011, currently pursuing a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture at the Central University of Venezuela 2017.

Valentina Caradonna - Registered architect with a Bachelor degree in Architecture from the Central University of Venezuela in Caracas Venezuela 2011. Professor of descriptive geometry at the Central University of Venezuela since 2013.

Jenirre Calderón - Architect with a Bachelor degrees from the Los Andes University in Merida Venezuela, 2015.

Alberto Landaeta - Architect with a Bachelor degree in Architecture from the Central University of Venezuela in Caracas Venezuela 2011.

Carol Arellano- Administrator and human resources.




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